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 Our Mission

"Outsourced Solutions, Shared Success!"

The Group enables organisations to focus on their key strategies and core competencies by supporting their non-core functions, through:

  1. Best-in-class outsourced solutions in facilities, technology and professional secretariat support
  2. A caring, dedicated, experienced and skilled team with decades serving volunteer-based organisations.
  3. Networks and analytics that help clients understand their stakeholders and enhance their value proposition.


Our Values

We are a team of professionals sharing a common vision, purpose and values. We are committed to the growth and success of our clients and each other. We believe we are stronger as a team than as individuals.

The Intelli.Asia Group is not simply an outsourced solutions provider.Because we view each client as a partner in our success, we invest in building long term  relationships by putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand their needs, strategies and  plans.  This enables us to develop and deploy solutions that better meet their needs. 

In particular, we define ourselves by our PRIME core values:

  • 1 Passion
    • We serve our clients with passion and commitment, ensuring every action we take contributes to their overall growth and success. We aim to be the absolute best in every facet of our organisation.
  • 2 Respect
    • Our team members treat one another and our clients with professional respect and goodwill, support each other and hold each other accountable.
  • 3 Integrity
    • We take ownership and pride in our responsibilities. We do the right thing for our clients even when it may be a challenge. 
  • 4 Meaning
    • We don’t work blindly or follow the crowd.  We always aim to understand the purpose behind every thing we do, so that we maintain a meaningful longterm perspective on why we exist.
  • 5 Excellence
    • We always strive to exceed expectations, by setting the highest standards of excellence for ourselves and the industry, in the best interests of our clients.
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