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POST EVENT UPDATE: Expert Witness Institute Singapore Conference 2019 - "Expert Evidence in the Asia Pacific Region" (15 Oct 2019)

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EWI Singapore wishes to thank our Patron Sir Vivian Ramsey QC, our Guest-of-Honour Gregory Vijayendran SC, our generous sponsors, supporting organisations, distinguished speakers and panellists and, of course, our Conference delegates for helping to make our recent Conference a success!

We look forward to seeing all of you again soon. 

We also invite you to join us as EWI members. More details on the various categories of membership are available HERE.

We are pleased to share the photos of the Conference and Post-Conference Cocktails HERE.

You may also view below a pre-recorded video version of the Welcome Address that was delivered in person by Sir Vivian Ramsey for our Conference:

About EWI Singapore

EWI Singapore was officially registered with the Singapore Registry of Societies on 19 May 2019.

The first organisation of its kind in Singapore, EWI Singapore will support the growing body of professionals providing expert witness services to courts and tribunals in Singapore and across Asia.  EWI Singapore will serve the burgeoning Asian legal market with plans to increase the number of accredited expert witnesses available to share their knowledge with lawyers across a wide range of sectors including construction and finance.  

EWI Singapore’s founding committee of experts and dispute resolution practitioners is led by President, Professor Leslie Chew SC and Vice President, Mr Chan Leng Sun SC. 

Its objects are:

1. To provide support to and an organisation for experts, appearing in Courts and Tribunals in South East Asia, of all professional disciplines and other occupations requiring skills and judgement.

2. To provide training for experts, who provide reports for Courts and Tribunals in South East Asia, whether by way of courses, seminars, conferences or otherwise to maintain and enhance high professional standards in expert witnesses and their status.

3. To act as a voice for expert witnesses, which may include communicating to the media factual information concerning its work or court cases its members are involved in.

4. To encourage lawyers to make use of experts wherever specialised knowledge is required.

5. To work actively with other Professional Bodies and Associations to ensure that any of their members who wishes to be an expert witness has the necessary education, training, support and ability.

6. To carry on any trade or business which can, in the opinion of the Committee, be advantageously carried on by the Society, and to do all such other things as are incidental to, or which the Society may think conducive to the achievement of the objects of the Society.

View/download our Constitution HERE.

Read more HERE.

The EWI Singapore Patron and Founding Committee

The Patron and Founding Committee members of EWI Singapore are set out below:

Designation of Committee Member Name 
Patron  Sir Vivian Ramsey
President  Prof. Leslie Chew SC 
Vice President Chan Leng Sun SC
Secretary  Derek Tan Jet Wah 
Treasurer  David Lee
Committee Member  Christopher Easton
Committee Member  Dr. Thomas Walford
Committee Member  Tan Beng Hwee Paul
Committee Member  John Gibson
Committee Member  Iain Potter
Committee Member  A/P Tan Teng Hooi

Message from the Founding President

Leslie Chew

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to announce that Expert Witness Institute Singapore has been formally registered as a society with effect from 19 May 2019.

In the coming months, the inaugural committee plans to launch a recruitment drive for membership and we hope that many of you will join EWI Singapore. Also, we will be holding our Inaugural Conference on EXPERT EVIDENCE IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION on 15 October 2019.

As Founding President, let me share with you my vision for the Institute. When first approached by one of the Governors of EWI London about the setting up of a branch in Singapore, I was excited over the prospect. Personally, I have believed for many years, that Singapore should have an independent body to cater to the training and accreditation of practicing experts. I believe that this is perhaps the last piece that needed to be added to Singapore’s comprehensive offering of dispute resolution services.

Now that EWI Singapore has been established as a branch of EWI London, I am excited that we will be able to be the agency that will add the last piece to Singapore’s offering of dispute resolution services.

In time to come, we hope that EWI Singapore will be the agency that lawyers and their clients will turn to when they need to engage Experts. To that end, It is also the intention to establish a training framework for local professionals who aspire to practice as Experts.

Ultimately, the aim is to have EWI Singapore recognised as a premier agency for the appointment of qualified and reputable Experts.

We urge our fellow Singaporeans and Singapore residents from all professions to support us to fulfil the objectives of EWI Singapore.

Please join us for our inaugural Conference!


Thank you.

Prof Leslie Chew SC
Founding President
On behalf of the EWI Singapore Committee

Joining EWI Singapore

Applications for Membership in EWI through EWI Singapore are now opened.

We welcome experts and users of experts throughout Asia to apply to join EWI through the Singapore branch.

The membership of the Society comprises 4 categories:

1. Associate Members - either lawyers or professionals who deal with and engage experts.

2. Provisional Members - qualified professionals from any discipline who are new to the profession of Expert Witness but would like to join the Society.

3. Individual Members - practising Experts who have the relevant qualifications and who can provide references by lawyers and courts that they have given evidence as experts. Provisional members who have subsequently gained experience as actual experts will be able to apply to become Individual Members. Individual Members are the accredited Experts of EWI.

4. Fellows - Individual Members who have 10 years of experience as Experts.

More details HERE.

Please contact the EWI Singapore Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you be interested in membership or require further assistance.

Importance of Qualified Expert Witnesses

  • Press Release from EWI on 30 May 2019: Court Ruling Highlights Need for Certified Expert Witnesses
The collapse of a multi-million pound fraud trial yesterday has once again highlighted the importance of ensuring that Expert Witnesses are indeed experts in their field and have the necessary skills and competencies to undertake Expert Witness work.
This is the second time in a week that a Crown Prosecution Service Trial has collapsed because of their bad choice of a poor expert.

In closing the case, the Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said: "Andrew Ager is not an expert of suitable calibre. He had little or no understanding of the duties of an expert. He had received no training and attended no courses. He has no academic qualifications. His work has never been peer-reviewed."

This result clearly demonstrates the significant impact when selecting an Expert Witness who is not a member of the Expert Witness Institute and does not appear on our vetted list of Expert Witnesses. Fully vetted members appearing on our list of experts will have provided evidence of their expertise, provided references from instructing solicitors or barristers and will have a recent anonymised report peer-reviewed before being placed on the register.

In addition, the Expert Witness Institute will be promoting its certification scheme for expert witnesses designed to provide the legal profession with a ‘gold-standard’ register of experts in June 2019. The certification, delivered in conjunction with the Judicial Institute at University College London (UCL), is an intensive assessment process to assess experts’ competency as witnesses.  Successful applicants will receive a certificate of competency which will last for 5 years.Sir Martin Spencer, chair of EWI, said “The outcome of this trial highlights the importance of CPR compliance and ensuring that instructing bodies such as the CPS select Expert Witnesses who are appropriately qualified and experienced. One way would be only to instruct experts who are members of an organisation such as the EWI with its system of vetting members to ensure they comply with the appropriate standards. At present, anyone can put themselves forward as an Expert Witness, and this case illustrates the potential dire consequences. We should always strive to ensure that Experts are of the highest calibre, irrespective of their field of expertise.”

For more details, click HERE.

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